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Are You a Victim or a Victor?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Did you know that you have the power to feel like a victim or a victor just by how you think and feel?

It is true, it is all up to you. You are responsible for how you feel, not your life circumstances. How you feel is not defined by your life. Stay with me here. This is important to understand.

You are not a victim to anything or anyone outside of you. You are not your culture, your socioeconomic status, your ethnicity, your sex, or your religion.

You are a human! A 100% value-full, 100% loveable divine nature that came to earth to have life experiences, feeling both positive and negative emotions.

All the things on and in the earth do not define who you are or how you feel. In fact, all the things you may identify yourself with are neutral circumstances in your life... neither positive nor negative. Your titles, your location, your work, your family, your physical world, all neutral.

It is your thoughts about your life circumstances that make you feel positive or negative.

So in a way, if you are a victim to anything, you could be a victim to your thoughts. That is if you choose to think a circumstance in your life is negative. On the flip side, you could be a victor to your thoughts, if you decide a circumstance in your life is positive.

Here is an example, let's talk about money.

Let’s say you are rich. You could choose to think rich people are snobs, self-centered and will go to hell.

You may say to yourself, “I hate being rich!"

Or you could choose to think rich people can do large amounts of good in the world by helping others, giving of their riches and having time to travel around and see this amazing planet.

You would then say to yourself, “I love being rich!"

Same circumstance of being rich...just two ways to think out it. Which thought would serve you best. Which thought would bring positive feelings and which would bring negative? It is pretty obvious right?

Let's look at thought choices in regard to the same amount of money, but changing up the location.

Let’s say you have $5,000.

If you lived in America you may choose to think this is not enough money.

You may say, "I can barely live one month with this"


You may choose to think it is a great windfall.

You may say, "Thank goodness I have this $5000. to get me through this month!"

Your choice. Which thought feels positive and which one feel negative?

What if you lived in a 2nd world country?

You may say, "I am rich! I can live like a king for many months on this!"


You may say, "I better hide this money or someone may try to steal it from me, everyone is so needy."

Your choice. Which thought would make you feel empowered and which one would make you feel stressed?

What if you lived in a 3rd world country?

You may say, "What is this useless paper for? I am hungry and need to eat. This means nothing to me."


You may say, "I have no need for money but I will find someone to make a trade with...someone who has what I need."

Your choice. Which thoughts changes your circumstance and which one doesn't?

Can you see how the circumstance of $5,000 is neutral? It is the perception of the person that changes the feeling of money.

Money is neutral, but our thought about money is what makes it positive or negative.

Your thoughts are not factual – they may come to you automatically and seem like truth, but your thoughts are optional. You can choose to keep the thoughts you learned as a child when you were too young to question the teachings of others or you can choose to create new thoughts. It depends on what serves you better.

Your thoughts create your feelings.

This is the key to living intentionally. Your thoughts create your feelings and you get to choose what you want to think.

Why is this so cool?

Because your feelings are the fuel to your actions.

If you want to act a certain way then you need to think the thought that will create the feelings that drive the action.

Your actions create your life results.

This is how you become the victor of your life, by keeping your thoughts in line with the feelings you need to do the actions it takes to gain victorious results. Don't waste time fretting over your circumstance. It is a waste of energy and creates thoughts of victimhood. And it is pointless. Focus on your thoughts.

Live life victoriously by thinking thoughts with intention.

If you have thoughts that money is negative you may have a hard time making, keeping, or allow money to come into your life. It is all a matter of what you think.

You can change how you think about money so it becomes easier to obtain.

Book a coaching session with me and I will help you sort out an intentional, positive thought that will stick. You can change anything you want in life with a mindful awareness coaching session.

Love Life and Shine!

~ Holly Jo

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