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A Tour Guide for Your Mind

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Hello there!

I have been a tour guide for over a decade. I mainly worked in Arizona and Alaska showing passengers how to get the most out of their travel experience. I am still in the field of guiding, but now I help clients get the most out of their life experience.

Me in the Tilley hat guiding a gold panning tour in Haines Alaska

I am a Life Coach. I will guide you in exponential mental and emotional growth by giving you support, courage, and valuable knowledge along the way.

I can teach you how to take advantage of the most powerful tool in your possession, your brain. Do you feel like you are out of control and your brain has a mind of its own? With practice and consistency I can help you use your mind to its fullest potential.

I use a method I call, The Mindful Awareness Model. It is a simple 5-step method to help you manifest your mental and emotional well being at your highest, productive level. I will teach you the mental strategies and keys to live a mindful, wholehearted life.

Come have a one-on-one coaching session with me to discover your mental, emotional, spiritual, and human connectedness potential.

This work may be uncomfortable, but with a life coach as your guide it will be achievable and worth it.

My Purpose as a Life Coach is to:

1. Empower you with the mental tools to live life to your fullest potential.

2. Encourage and support you to achieve your life goals.

Specializing in:

  • Achieving dreams

  • Overcoming urges

  • Overcoming fear

  • Managing the brain productively

  • Loving self

  • Loving others

  • Relationship skills

  • Communication skills

My Life Coaching is a support system for you while you gain mental and emotional awareness for change. As well as empowering you with courage to find your purpose filled life, experience exponential growth, and become brave in wholehearted living.

When you are working with me you will learn how to live with a definite of purpose instead of living in default mode. You will learn how to face your fears and forgive yourself. You will learn how to become aware of and have compassion for your emotions. This allows you to become more loving and forgiving to others as well.

Life Coaching is not therapy, analysis, nor counseling. Medication is not prescribed. It can be done online, on a video chat like Zoom or Skype, by phone or in person. Being life coached can be uncomfortable and challenging. But change feels productive, positive and possible with a life coach to guide you.

You need to want to change in order for life coaching to make a real difference. I will support you, helping to empower and encourage you to create the fantastic life of your dreams. Guiding you to be bold in reaching for a higher version of yourself.

Come try out life coaching with me as your guide. You will have your mind blown with what you can get your brain to do.

Love Life & Shine!

Holly Jo Martin

Life Coach

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