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Failing is Awesome!

I have been given a new lease on life this year. I am told by my Life Coach that failing is good. She says it is actually something we need to strive for because failing means we are learning something new and getting better at it with each attempt. She says that when we fail repeatedly, we will eventually succeed. Hhhmmm.

John C. Maxwell wrote a whole book on failing forward.

And I bet you have heard Thomas Edison’s take on failure, “No. I didn’t fail a thousand times. I learned a thousand things that didn’t work.”

It is real easy to read these cute memes, but I am not sure it will make failing feel any better to me.

Tonight, my Life Coach was still trying to sell the “Failure is great” thing when she told me to think of the acronym...

FAIL - First Attempt In Learning.

She created her own acronym for

FAILURE - Frequent Attempts In Learning, Understanding, Recognizing, & Evolving.

I have also heard, “If you want success, you need to double your rate of failure”.

Ramit Sethi says he has a goal to get 5 fails a month. He says if he doesn’t have 5 huge fails a month he is not trying hard enough (I will Teach You to be Rich).

So, I guess maybe if I repeatedly practice failure I may find it to be an exhilarating experience. I may think “Yes! One step closer to success!” But then my default brain takes over and says, “Give it up Holly... a success for what?... Really?... Go eat an Oreo... and throw in some ice cream for good measure.”

As I poured the carmel and chocolate syrup over the Oreos and vanilla ice cream I thought, “Wow...they are right. This failure stuff is pretty awesome!”

Have a great fail my friends and can be really good.

Go with the flow,

Holly Jo

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