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After Hours Urgency Coaching 

This is a 60-minutes, private, online, Zoom video chat available to you within 2 hours of booking. This is available after office hours, because sometimes you need a non-judgmental, listening ear to rant your rage, share your sadness, or disclose your most terrifying thoughts right when you are in the spin.


This is where you can let it all out.


I have experienced PMDD for over three decades. I understand how it feels to be misunderstood during the emotional turmoil and anguish of hormonal upheaval.


I have also experienced addiction for over 2 decades. I know how it feels when you are trying to stop a habit that feels impossible to stop. I can help you through the "itch".


You will be respected and heard with a compassionate coaching ear. Come decompress, feel heard, and find solutions.


Make sure you have contacted me first, to ensure my availability before scheduling. I have opened up extra days and hours to be available for you. I know that difficult feelings don't always happen during office hours.


Hellen Keller says, "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming it."


I promise you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't give up!


~ Holly Jo Martin


This After Hours Urgency service is a 1 hour, 1-on-1, Live Coaching Call with Holly Jo for $129.00 USD.


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Coaching Session Terms & Conditions: Please contact Holly Jo to ensure her availability BEFORE booking a session. No guarantees of availability. Please pay in full on Venmo @HollyJo-Martin before the session starts. No Refunds available. By booking this session you have read and agree to these terms, thank you.
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